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  • Fair and Transparent Elections
  • 100% Ballot & Tally Sheet Chain of Custody
  • Transparent Audit Capability By Design
  • Proper Registration Process Managed by Sec. of State
  • Passport Level VoterID with Picture
  • Clean Voter Rolls
  • Polling places
  • Election Day is Holiday
  • Free Transportation to Polls by School Buses and Public Transportation
  • Paper Ballots Only
  • No Mail-In Ballots Accept For the Military
  • No State Interference per Article 1, SEC 19 of WA state constitution
  • Citizens Run Election
  • State Is the Observer of Compliance, Reporting, and Certification
  • The State and It's Agents Never Touch A Ballot


  • Design a proper voter registration system and process
  • Design a proper polling place facility layout for voting
  • Design a proper polling place citizen voter authentication process
  • Design a proper monitoring system using IP cameras and public websites
  • Design a proper unbroken ballot chain-of-custody process
  • Design a proper ballot counting process without computers, scanners, or tally machines
  • Design a proper reporting process of tally totals using whiteboards, large easil tablets,etc.
  • Develop upline tally reporting to auditors, and realtime feedback authentication
  • Develop ballot storage process
  • Design election audit process that can re-assemble the entire election for an audit
  • Document the process with animation, video, and slides
  • Host mock elections across the state and nation
  • Increase pressure through knowledge among citizens to change the election system
  • Write initiatives, referendums, and Legislative Bills and Lobby Legislatures
  • Develop Fundraising Strategy for $100,000 to purchase equipment and fund travel
  • Develop strategy to clean voter registration databases in each state

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