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Welcome to the Election Hope project

Project Leaders
- James M. Miller - PM
- Steve Schommer - CTO
Project Leaders Experience
Steve has 32 yrs. as an IT Director and Civil Engineer
Jim is a retired Boeing engineering PM of 17 years, 25 years Public Works Director, Owner OSE LLC.
We are both married with children and Christian Promise Keepers
We have built a dedicated private IT infrastructure to contain this project

Project Definition

There is a nationwide interest in re-thinking the election process. I started researching election processes after the 2016 election. Election corruption is not new to politics. The 2016 election was a milestone in the number of ballot computers used. The corruption changed from hand counting ballots to scanners, tally machines, and more mail-in ballots...in effect becoming more 'hidden and secret' through the use of technology. Citizens must design a better way, educate the public of what is possible, and replace the current election processes with a constitutionally functional replacement.

Project Scope Statement

This is a multi-partisan project. People who are loyal to the constitution and the rule of law are offended by our current election processes. The nation's citizens are divided spiritually and intellectually. There are so many reasons in for this, and they are all part of the conversation in the end. However, I want to focus on one aspect of the equation, 100% Ballot Chain of Custody. This project will design a new election process, and build a 'simulation' that mimics an actual 'election'. This is an ambitious project, but done properly will bear fruit quickly. We can 'know the past' so as not to repeat it. It is necessary to put that which cannot bear fruit in the past, and develop a future that is productive, protects liberty, and properly maintains the Constitutional Republic.

Success depends on volunteers to help design a hands on citizen run election system...like the old days. I firmly believe that most of the functional election problems and cost exists because of mail-in ballots. By Eliminating mail-in ballots a simpler less complex process is easy to develop. Technology is used to track 'chain of custody' of the ballots during a 'polling place election', provides transparency, and identification of a properly registered voter. Much of the design process will be around the proper use of these existing technologies to maintain integrity of the election itself, the security of the ballots, and protection of the secrecy of the citizen's choices. Computers shall not be used to 'tally anything', accept the movement of ballots. Human audit teams shall count ballots and record a tally in plain site. The goals are ballot chain-of-custody, transparency, auditing, standardizaiton, repeatability, low cost, and voter identification.

Most of our current election process is beyond the scope of understanding of the common man...yet it is the sacred 'vote' of the common man that is in question. This has to end. Many people are organizing around election integrity. There will be many schemes to protect what has been put in place. To understand how to detect the fraudulent activity is part of the education the 'team' will need to understand, and why.

I will send those who desire to be on the team...a document on how to connect to the server. All work documents, emails, chat sessions, etc. will be contained on a private server (OS3 hosting website). We will need to use encrypted emails. A professional IT engineer has designed the server and its use for security. Team members will have to learn the process and adapt to secure processes. Guide lines will be provided. These are being developed. This will give you access to the file manger to read/write documents, access to real-time chat channels, the ability to share files in chat. I recommend not using smartphones at all unless they have been 'de-googled' completely. Apple products are fully compromised as well. Android phones that have not been 'de-googled' track everything, don't use them.

Recruitment of people in your local area will be important so that you have team-mates with which to work if possible. We will have regular Internet meetings by State. The idea is to first design a generic election process without any computers, accept to monitor the ballots....keeping chain of custody at all times. I will publish on the website a generic set of guidelines. These will be the first discussion for the team....adding and subtracting the guidelines. We are designing a new process...it will not necessarily obey any 'rules or regulations' in any jurisdiction. We are going to rethink the process by designing what makes sense first.

I hope that you find this project interesting. Using theatre, animation, online videos, and real simulation can be a powerful process. Fundraising will be important to be able to purchase equipment to have a traveling show, and hold a 'mock elections', develop educational videos...both live and animations. We have to demonstrate to the citizens that we can do it by hand, in plain site, with integrity. "With God's Blessing, all can be accomplished, and with these works, a better world!"